South African Police Shoot Invisible Man

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On Friday, an East Rand flying squad shot a man wearing muti after he stole a bakkie from Limpopo.

I know: not again.

The translation (and I did have to do some research), is that a South African special police unit shot a man who had stolen a pickup truck from Limpopo province, north of Johannesburg, and that he was wearing "muti," a ritual medicinal preparation that he believed would make him invisible to police.

It did not.

The police shot the man after he got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at them. A police spokesman said that hijackers and robbers in the area often used muti because they believed it made them invisible to police. She said she hoped they would learn it did not work.

Thank god for Wikipedia, where you can not only find a definition of "muti" but also see it used in a sentence, such as, "My doktor het vir my muti verskaf vir my seer keel." (South Africa)