O.J. Continues Zany Antics by Appearing on Candid-Camera Show

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"Juiced" is the name of the new show, which will be appearing on pay-per-view soon (if it isn’t already).  On the show, O.J. Simpson, who you may recall was accused a few years ago of killing his ex-wife and her friend, yuks it up with various candid-camera pranks, including some that hark back to the murder case itself.

For example, Simpson visits a used-car lot and pretends to try to sell it to an unsuspecting buyer, saying that he made it famous.  "It was good for me," O.J. cracks about the car that featured in what has to have been the most embarrassing episode in his life.  "It helped me get away."

Other practical jokes on the show evidently include O.J. dressing up as an Elvis impersonator, as a bum selling oranges for money and as an elderly man leading a Bingo game.  All kind of funny, I guess, apart from the whole hey-didn’t-you-cut-your-wife’s-head-off issue.  Which is what the Brown and Goldman families were pointing out this week.  Fred Goldman said he found Simpson’s conduct "morally reprehensible," and the Browns’ attorney noted that any money Simpson made from the deal would presumably be going to satisfy the judgment against him in the civil case.  Most of that $33.5 million judgment remains unpaid.

I think we can safely assume that O.J. will certainly apply towards the judgment whatever is left once he deducts expenses incurred in his continuing search for the real killers.  From what I read, he has been carefully searching golf courses and strip clubs in southern Florida, apparently to no avail.

The producer of the show, Rick Mahr, insisted that O.J. was not being paid at all for his work:  "Basically O.J. Simpson has decided to do this because he wants to do it, and he wanted to have fun with it."  I would bet there is some form of compensation in this deal.  At least, I hope so, because the fun quotient seems somewhat low.

Link: MSNBC.com