Alert Bartender Saves Plymouth, Indiana, From Terrorist Attack

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No he didn’t.

A (sadly, unnamed) bartender called authorities early Monday morning after he spotted a flashing red light on the wall of a restaurant at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth, and suspected it to be a bomb.  Thirty-five people were evacuated while authorities investigated.  After about half an hour, they decided the bomb squad was not needed, largely because the flashing red light was coming from a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign on the window of the restaurant.

I question that decision.  Terrorists who did choose to go after Plymouth, Indiana, might well hide a bomb in a PBR sign or keg, and if the bomb squad takes that stuff out and destroys it, at worst you have removed some PBR from the world.  What’s the downside?

Anyway, as you would expect, the resort’s manager, Doug Leedke, said it was all just a sign of the times in the world after 9/11.  "Our employee saw something unusual and reported it," Leedke said.  Can’t be too careful.

Link: AP via MyWay News