Karma Chameleon Will Do Community Service With NY Sanitation Department

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The New York Department of Sanitation confirmed today that former Culture Club singer Boy George will be joining its ranks for five days of community service as part of a sentence on drug charges.  "He will be part of our team," said sanitation spokesman Keith Mellis, who as a child probably dreamed that he would grow up to be a "sanitation spokesman."  Mellis continued, "We won’t know exactly what he will be doing for several weeks, though."

That should give the guys plenty of time to think of pleasant things for Boy George to do.

Boy, whose real name is George O’Dowd, has struggled with drug problems for years.  The current charge actually stems from a false report he filed last October.  Boy claimed that his Manhattan apartment had been burglarized.  It’s not clear from the report why he did so, but it is clear from the report that inviting the police over when you have cocaine lying around is not the greatest idea.

The service must be completed before August 28 if Boy hopes to avoid jail time.

Link: AP via SFGate.com