Robber Sues Store Employees After Beating

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Dana Buckman of Rochester, New York, is suing AutoZone and two of its employees for personal injury and emotional distress after a beating he suffered at the hands of the employees.  He was not deterred from suing by the fact that he was robbing the store at the time of the beating.

Mr. Buckman had the tables turned on him although he was carrying a gun.  The employees beat him with a pipe and managed to get the gun away from him.  He escaped, but now claims that the men chased him out of the store and continued to beat him as he fled.  He was arrested a week later and was convicted of armed robbery.  Now he's suing.

According to his lawyer, the employees had no right to beat Mr. Buckman once the robbery proper had ceased.  "The danger was past," said the lawyer, Philip Hurwitz.  "These two employees took it upon themselves to go after Mr. Buckman after he left the store."  The defendants' lawyer was unfazed.  "In some respects, you wonder if a case like this even needs a defense," he said.  "It speaks for itself."

Link: AP via MyWay News