Insurance Company Cancels Christ Insurance

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According to BBC News, has canceled the policy it had provided to three sisters in Scotland who have been paying since 2000 for coverage in the event one of them immaculately conceives Jesus Christ when he shows up for his second world tour.  The policy, which cost one hundred pounds a year, would have paid out one million pounds had coverage been triggered by the Savior's re-incarnation.

A spokesman for the company said the policy put the burden of proof on the insured to show that any alleged infant was in fact the baby Jesus.

According to the company, the women, who were not identified but were believed to be members of a Christian group (which really is not too much of a stretch) in Inverness, "were concerned about having sufficient funds if they immaculately conceived.  It was for caring and bringing up the Christ."  The company said it was canceling the policy due to protests from the Catholic Church.  The Church declined comment.

"We sometimes get weird requests," the spokesman said, "and this is the weirdest we have had."