German Love Witch Loses Appeal

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In 2006, a court in Munich, Germany, confirmed that a local woman described as a "love witch" would have to pay back the 1,000 euros that she had charged another woman for various spells designed to get her ex-boyfriend to come back. The love witch, who was not identified, was also ordered to pay several hundred euros in court costs.

The plaintiff apparently claimed that the witch's services came with a money-back guarantee, something that the witch disputed (don't they always?). In the end the guarantee issue was irrelevant because the court ruled that the service was "objectively impossible" to render in the first place.  "A love ritual is not suited to influence a person from long distance," stated the court.  I don't know about that.  I can think of lots of love rituals that can influence a person from long distance: making phone calls, sending flowers, repeatedly running over her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot outside her office window, things like that.  Regardless, the court concluded that "[a]s the promised service could not be rendered, the plaintiff is not obligated to pay."

Whether the witch would pursue yet another appeal was not clear, but ask again when the moon is full.