Wisconsin Spa Bandit Strikes For Sixth Time

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In one of the more unlikely serial-criminal stories I’ve seen, police in Brookfield, Wisconsin, said this week that the Spa Bandit had struck again, ordering $400 worth of treatments at a local salon and spa, and then fleeing without payment after the services had been provided.

The Spa Bandit, who has allegedly followed the same modus operandi in at least five other incidents in the area, visited the Azana Salon and Spa and scheduled the following treatments:

  • eyebrow wax
  • back wax
  • chest wax
  • underarm wax
  • Brazilian bikini wax
  • 75-minute massage
  • something called a “body quench”
  • manicure
  • pedicure

The waxes and massage appear to have been the Bandit’s main interests, however, because after they were completed the Bandit stated an intention to work on some papers during the pedicure, and went out to the car to “get the papers,” but never returned. After the story was reported on local news, at least five other spa owners came forward to report that the Bandit, who has also been described as a “serial waxer,” had struck there as well.

But here’s the most unlikely fact about this story: the Spa Bandit is a man.

He called himself “Scott Kendry” in the most recent incident, but has used other aliases elsewhere. Spa owners describe “Kendry” as “very charming,” “a loud, boisterous man, very nice and [unsurprisingly] very knowledgeable about the spa.” Before fleeing the Azana Salon, “[h]e said, ‘you can just tell the pedicurist to run the water,'” the owner said. “That’s how I knew he had done this before, because it’s not a sentence you would typically say.”

She also confirmed that waxing seemed to be the Bandit’s primary interest. “He likes the Brazilian bikini waxes [!], and when he got his massage here he asked the girls to spend a lot of time on his glutes.” Well, that’s horrifying, but my question is, having struck in this way five times before, how did “Scott Kendry” have any hair left to get waxed? Is he a werewolf or something?

Capt. Phil Horter of the Brookfield Police Department said that the case was still under investigation and that no arrests had been made, despite the fact that the Bandit’s entire four-hour Azana treatment was apparently recorded by the spa’s security camera.