Orange-Jumpsuit Halloween Costume Causes Problems

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A New York man got in some trouble on Halloween when he dressed up as a prison inmate, complete with an orange prisoner’s jumpsuit, to take his daughter trick-or-treating. It was a very realistic costume, because it was a real prisoner’s jumpsuit, which the man had received when he was a real prisoner. He was released in September after serving a sentence for violating probation, and had kept the jumpsuit, which ex-prisoners are not supposed to do.

Unfortunately for him, another parent in the same neighborhood dressed up as a county corrections officer, also a very realistic costume because it was also real. When the corrections officer spotted the orange jumpsuit, she confronted its wearer, who fled in a car (hopefully taking his daughter along).

The officer took down the man’s license plate and called police, as well as calling the local jail. The jail went into lockdown until they could count all the prisoners and make sure no one had escaped. Police eventually found the man, confiscated his jumpsuit/costume and let him go, but he was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two misdemeanors for illegally taking his jumpsuit home in the first place.

An inmate wearing his own stolen inmate jumpsuit to trick-or-treat in the same neighborhood where a corrections officer was also trick-or-treating was a "bad choice of costume," a prison spokesperson correctly stated.

Link: AP via My Way News