Driver Arrested For Helping While Intoxicated

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A good Samaritan in Germany got arrested this morning after he saw what he thought was a broken-down vehicle by the side of the road and stopped to help.  The vehicle was not only in good working order but was protected by the police standing next to it, who were in fact operating a checkpoint looking for drunk drivers.  Officers said that the man was found to be intoxicated, their first clue apparently being, as the report put it, that he "lurched from his vehicle to offer assistance."

The actual quote from the police is the other reason I post this.  They were quoted as saying about the man, "Obviously his optical assessment of the situation as he drove past was that this was a vehicle breakdown."  I understand that this was translated from German, but I still think the phrase "optical assessment" is the kind of thing you could hear from police or maybe attorneys in virtually any country.

Link: Yahoo! News