TSA Clears Self of Suspicion in Inspection Dispute

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I forgot this one from three weeks ago.  Debra Sanders of Clearwater, Florida, has accused the Transportation Security Administration of lax security and improper inspection procedures after she got home from a trip to New Jersey.

She first suspected her bag had been inspected by the TSA when she opened her bag and found a TSA uniform in it.  (Sanders is not a TSA employee.)


The good part is that the TSA denies that any of its employees searched the woman’s bag, on the grounds that when they search a bag they leave a note inside saying that they did so.  There was no note in Sanders’s bag, therefore, no search occurred.  Thank you for contacting us with your concerns.  Please move along.  The report did not say whether the TSA had any explanation as to how a TSA uniform got in the bag, note or no note.

Link: First Coast News (Tampa, FL).