Attorney Free on Bond After Kissing Judicial Marshal

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"This is the biggest baloney I’ve ever seen in my life," said Ralph Crozier, a 55-year-old criminal defense attorney from Southbury, Connecticut.  For once he wasn’t talking about charges against a client, but about the charges filed against him for kissing a female judicial marshal at Waterbury Superior Court last December 22.

Crozier did not describe the baloney that was previously the largest he had seen, but his statement implies that it was quite sizeable and yet was significantly exceeded in size by the new record-holder.

He described the kiss as a "peck on the cheek," and says the security video that captured the incident will bear him out.  "It was a Christmas greeting," he said.  "There was nothing here that was weird or sexual."  Crozier said state police investigators told him that the charges were filed because the kiss was uninvited.  I guess that would make it an assault and even a battery, but not the kind that normally leads to criminal charges, assuming no tongue was used.

Crozier was arrested last week and is free on a $10,000 bond.  He is scheduled to be arraigned for the disorderly conduct charge on January 24.

Link: AP via Yahoo! News