Nobody Tells This Wookiee What to Do

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A Chewbacca impersonator was arrested in Los Angeles last Thursday after he head-butted a Hollywood tour guide outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Performers dressed as movie and cartoon characters gather there in order to seek tips by posing for photos with tourists. Reportedly, the guide had asked Chewbacca to stop harassing two Japanese tourists, which only enraged the temperamental alien. “Nobody tells this Wookiee what to do!” he yelled, impressively staying in character, and then slammed his furry skull into the guide’s forehead.

Stormtroopers capture brave Chewbacca

Superman reportedly was among the witnesses to the assault, but did nothing to stop it. He did, however, call producers at the “Jimmy Kimmel Show,” which unfortunately for Chewbacca is taped at a studio right across the street, which resulted in the actual arrest being caught on film.

The allegedly violent Wookiee was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery, and later released on bail. There has been at least one previous incident involving this performer, and several involving other costumed impersonators, including one that led to the arrest two years ago of Mr. Incredible and Elmo the Muppet.

Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times this week, Captain Jack Sparrow worried that this would lead to a crackdown by the city that would threaten his livelihood, and said that Chewbacca had a history of altercations of this kind. Also nearby: Darth Vader, who agreed that Chewbacca had long since turned to the dark side.

A spokesman for Lucasfilm made clear that the performer in question, Frederick Young, had no affiliation with the company. Still, she said, “we are disappointed that someone dressed as Chewbacca would behave in this way.”