Today’s NY Crime Quiz

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What do all of the following people have in common?

  • "Fat Frank" Esposito, indicted as an associate of the Bonnano crime family.
  • Frank Capello, arrested for possession of crack cocaine.
  • Nesly Dorce, arrested four times for burglary and drug possession.
  • Joe Petrillo, who recently assaulted his father with a knife.

Answer: they are (or recently were) New York City school-bus drivers.

That one was probably too easy.

The NY Daily News has been doing an investigation ("School Bus Disgrace") of bus drivers and "bus monitors," who I assume are people who monitor the kids while the driver is driving.  78 of them were arrested last year, and the newspaper found a total of 173 arrests on 241 charges between 2004 and 2006.  These included 46 assaults, 10 DWIs, 7 weapons charges, and at least one murder.  Most or all of these, thankfully, were for off-duty conduct, although the report cited one arrest for shoplifting during a field trip, and a child-endangerment charge against one driver who allegedly tied up a 7-year-old with seatbelts and electrical tape.  Well, they act up sometimes — what’s a driver to do?

The accused murderer was suspended, as are many (but not all) drivers or monitors who are charged with a serious crime.  As of Sunday, though, Fat Frank was still behind the wheel.

Link: NY Daily News