Clinton Campaign May Be Tracking Gore’s Waistline

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Eleanor Clift writes in the upcoming issue of Newsweek that Al Gore will likely run for president, and it appears that one of the clearest signs that he does intend to run is the fact that he says he doesn’t.  In fact, he is running, Clift says, but "is not taking any overt steps toward running."  We know he’s running, because it doesn’t look at all like he is.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not taking covert steps toward running, such as secretly publicizing the issue of global warming and quietly winning an Oscar.  Clift also reports that Gore (or someone acting on his behalf) is finishing a book about "the forces in society that are undermining democracy," which will be published in May.  That timing is suspicious, or not.

Or, he may in fact be running but just doesn’t know that he’s running.  "I believe him when he says he doesn’t have any intention of running," an insider told Newsweek, "but I also believe the door is not completely shut."  In other words, Gore really doesn’t have any plans to run but his unconscious mind is laying the groundwork.  And this may or may not be the reason that Gore has been losing weight.  "The theory," Clift writes, "is that slimming down will be a signal he intends to run."  This means that Gore’s waistline may or may not be something that the Clinton team is closely watching.  "He has lost a few pounds," said a longtime Gore advisor, "and Hillary can read into that what she wants."

According to the report, Gore is "trying to be healthier, working out daily when he can," and that of course could mean that he is running, that he is just trying to be healthier, or that he is trying to be healthier because he is going to run although he hasn’t realized that yet.

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