Werewolf Charged With Disorderly Conduct

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Robert Marsh was arrested last week in Wisconsin and charged with several offenses stemming from an incident early Thursday morning in which he broke down a woman’s door and grabbed her.  Two other men in the home stopped Marsh, who the woman said had been living with them temporarily because he had no other place to go, having been released from prison a few days before.

Luckily for them, Thursday was March 1, two days before the full moon.  Otherwise they might not have been able to subdue Marsh, who informed police that he is a werewolf.  He claimed to be able to change forms (which of course all werewolves can) and to be involved in a "witch religion."  These claims are evidently still being investigated, but police were able to confirm almost right away that Marsh had been drinking heavily (also common among werewolves while in human form).  He also had a "small amount" of marijuana with him.

Whether it was the absence of a full moon or the belated triumph of his long-repressed humanity, Marsh did not change shapes, attempt to escape, or eat anyone.  He is therefore scheduled to appear in human form at a court hearing on March 14.

Link: AP via Yahoo! News.