Man Sued for Negligent Dancing

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The AP reported this week that a Chicago woman is suing a man she danced with at an office party, alleging that she was injured by one of his dance moves, which seems to have gone something like this:

  1. Step up.
  2. Step back.
  3. Slide to the left.
  4. Slide to the right.
  5. Grab your partner.
  6. Throw partner into air.
  7. Let partner crash to floor headfirst.
  8. Repeat with new partner (if any).

It sounds almost as painful as the Macarena, at least for the person who gets thrown.  Plaintiff alleges that her partner "grabbed her by the forearms and tossed her in the air," which must have been a rotary toss similar to the hammer throw unless he is incredibly strong.  "I was in the air, over him," she recalled, which is not consistent with the hammer-throw theory, and then "fell hard enough you could hear the impact of me hitting the floor over the sound from the jukebox."  Plaintiff says she suffered a fractured skull and is seeking damages.

According to plaintiff’s attorney, she was a victim of "negligent dancing."  Her dance partner was also, as it happens, the husband of her boss, which probably made things a lot more awkward for one or more people involved.

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