Cardinals Fan Sues Over Botched Tattoo

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St. Louis fans are justly proud of their Cardinals, who (as some of you will remember) won the World Series in 2006.  Jason Harris was so proud of them that he went to a local tattoo parlor to have a memento of the victory permanently enscribed on himself.

  • Tattoo requested: "St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions, 2006"
  • Tattoo received:   "St. Louis Cardinals, Worlb Series Champs, 2000"

This is especially unfortunate since the New York Yankees, not the Cardinals, won the Worlb Series in 2000.

In a lawsuit filed on April 27, Harris accuses the House of Ink and its workers of negligence in permanently etching the mistake on his back, "causing severe damage to plaintiff's body."  In an interview, he claimed that he did not learn of the errors until the next day when she showed the tattoo to his mother, which is a little more plausible given that the tattoo was between his shoulder blades.  He has refused an offer to "correct" the mistakes or to cover them up with another, larger tattoo, in favor of seeking $25,000 in damages.

Link: The Smoking Gun