Hilton Unable to Testify in Civil Case Against Her, Says Hilton’s Psychiatrist

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Lately the headlines about Paris Hilton have involved her 45-day jail sentence for violating probation, but it turns out she is part of at least one other legal proceeding.  In a case that is an outstanding use of the nation’s judicial resources, Hilton was apparently sued in 2005 by "actress and diamond heiress" Zeta Graff over a nightclub incident in which (according to Hilton) Graff assaulted Hilton and tried to grab a diamond necklace off Hilton’s neck.  Graff sued for slander and libel.  The trial in that case had been scheduled to start this month, but not any more.

In papers filed Monday, Hilton’s psychiatrist said that Hilton would be unable to testify at the moment because she is "distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the [jail sentence] and her fear of incarceration."  In his opinion, "[a]t this point in time, Ms. Hilton cannot effectively respond to examination as a witness or provide any significant input into her defense."  (Well, if that’s the standard, I don’t think this case will ever be going to trial.)  It appears that the trial judge has agreed, or at least has postponed the trial until August for one reason or another.

The Associated Press said that messages left with "Hilton’s spokesman and lawyer" were not returned earlier today.  As we learned last week, it is not clear whether Paris now has two different people in these roles, or whether she is still taking her spokesman’s legal advice, which seems to have contributed to her problems in the first place.

Link: AP via FindLaw.com