Mexican Restaurant Offers Taco Reward for Info on Break-In

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The owner of Melina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant, who, strangely, is named "Joe," has offered a reward of 500 tacos for information leading to the arrest of the thief who broke into the restaurant on April 24 and stole $3000.

Joe said he was offering tacos because "all the cash got taken."

500 tacos would feed a person for about two months, if he (and it would be a "he") ate three tacos per meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Joe noted that, based on the cost of tacos at Melina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant, the reward he was offering was worth approximately $1,200.  As a comment to this story on the Houston Chronicle website noted, based on the fact that Melina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant is located in Brigham City, Utah, not really known for its fine Mexican cuisine, the reward may in fact be worth significantly less.

Link: Houston Chronicle