Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever Gets Bigger

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Sometimes it’s hard to let go when you think a judge’s ruling was wrong, but sometimes a motion for reconsideration is not a good idea.  Case in point: Michael Polsky’s motion to reconsider the $176 million award to his ex-wife, believed to be the largest divorce award ever in the United States when it was handed down last year.

It’s no longer the largest divorce award, though — because after Judge William Boyd reconsidered, he gave the ex-Mrs. Polsky another $8 million, for a total of $184 million.  I guess when you are facing the largest divorce verdict ever, a motion to reconsider seems like a good idea, because how much worse can it get?  It probably would have been very hard not to give it a shot.

According to the report, the Polskys came to the US from Russia about 30 years ago, with nothing.  Mr. Polsky, an engineer, made a fortune in the energy business and is now the CEO of a company.  His wife raised their children, earning (as it turns out) $184 million for that job.  According to the wife’s attorney — and the judge — the revised award is about a 50/50 split of the total couple’s assets, and so is fair.

Link: Chicago Sun-Times