UPDATE: The Mega-Pants Trial Continues

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The pants trial is being covered today by Marc Fisher, a Washington Post columnist and blogger.  You can follow his coverage at the link below.

Fisher’s first Day Two post describes the cross-examination of Judge Pearson, which began with The Unveiling of the Pants.  Consistent with his opening statement, it appears that Judge Pearson is sticking to a rather extreme position on what "Satisfaction Guaranteed" actually means.

Also, Fisher’s column on Day One is definitely worth a read.  Among other new details, we learn that Pearson’s opening statement included the words, "Never before in recorded history have a group of defendants engaged in such misleading and unfair business practices."  As a reminder, the business practices in question now are purportedly limited to whether their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign was a lie.

Link: Raw Fisher (blog)
Link: Fisher’s Metro Column (Day One)