Live-Blogging From the Pants Trial

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Not me, unfortunately, but at least someone is doing it.  Emil Steiner of the Washington Post is live at the trial of Pearson v. Custom Cleaners, which did in fact go to trial this morning and may or may not conclude today.

As of 3:35 PM Eastern time, Plaintiff had called no fewer than eight witnesses, including an 89-year-old wheelchair-bound WWII veteran who compared the actions of the Custom Cleaners proprietors to "what the Nazis did during the Holocaust."  Finally, Pearson himself took the stand — only to break down in tears when telling his story.  Highlight: Pearson "did not want to litigate, he said, but he felt that D.C. consumer protection laws gave him no choice."

At last report, at 3:55 PM ET, Pearson finished his testimony and "proceeded to dive into the exhibits."  That suggests that the case will not finish today, unless the defense just rests to get this farce over with.

Link: Emil Steiner, OFF/beat (Washington Post).