Lawyers Attack Riot Police “With Furled Umbrellas”

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From a New Yorker article in July about protests in Islamabad after the Chief Justice of Pakistan was suspended:

The largest crowd by far was made up of lawyers in starched collars, white shirts, and black suits.  They marched in orderly ranks, three abreast, like emperor penguins in a nature film.  Some held up very British-looking umbrellas, on which markedly un-catchy slogans, such as "Long Live Lawyers Unity," had been carefully daubed in white paint.

In earlier demonstrations, the lawyers had clashed with riot police, and the country’s most senior barristers, silk ties flying, had responded with surprising vigor, hurling back tear-gas cannisters at staff-wielding policemen and jabbing at them with furled umbrellas.

Link: William Dalrymple, "Days of Rage," The New Yorker, July 23, 2007 at p. 26.