Accused Flasher Exposes Evidence in Court

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Lawyers involved in a 60-year-old German man’s appeal of indecent-exposure charges were, for some reason, "stunned" when the man took his clothes off during a court recess.

"The court withdrew for deliberations and during the adjournment the man removed his clothes again," said a court spokesman.  The court apparently had just heard the man’s arguments on appeal from his conviction for interrupting a girls’ soccer match by running onto the field naked and striking a range of "body builder poses."  According to the spokesman, the man sees it as an issue of free expression.  "It appears he sees it as art, and views himself as a living work of art."  It seems that at least one person in the crowd, having viewed him, did not agree with that assessment.

The report did not say whether the incident affected the outcome of the artist’s appeal, but it did result in a new set of indecent-exposure charges.

Link: Reuters