Another Reason Not to Streak in Minnesota

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From the police blotter in Silver Lake, Wisconsin, yesterday:

On 3-13-08 at approx. 1620 hrs., [Deputy] Zarletti was parked by the Silver Lake DNR boat launch when he was alerted by a citizen that a male was running across the frozen lake in the nude. Dep. Zarletti located the subject and identified him as John F. Greely (18) a local resident. Greely was wearing nothing but socks, and he was sober. He reported that he streaked on a 30 dollar bet. Dep. Zarletti issued him a county ordinance citation ($753.00 bond) for lewd and lascivious behavior.

It’s unknown whether he recovered on his bet.

It is not yet spring in Wisconsin, as you could probably infer from the fact that lakes are still frozen firmly enough for a naked guy to run across one.  The temperature yesterday in Silver Lake at 1620 hours was about 42 degrees.  With the wind running at about 12 mph, and Naked Guy running at an estimated 8 mph (might be too high for someone running on ice wearing socks), the wind chill would have been about 30 degrees, although I could find no wind-chill charts that factored in the effect of being naked on a frozen lake.

My point is, I don’t know what was going on there, but at something under 30 degrees I seriously doubt it was anything "lewd or lascivious."

Link: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online