“Bulletproof” Attorney Jailed After “Obscene Gesture” in Court

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Adam Reposa Okay, if you had to vote right now, would you vote to sanction this guy?

“For what?”—does it matter?

Okay, what if I told you he is an attorney—wait, I’m not finished—who is actually registered with the Texas State Bar under the nickname “Bulletproof”?

You are one tough customer. Okay, how about this: What if I also told you that during a recent court appearance he made “simulated masturbatory gestures” in response to an objection by opposing counsel “while making eye contact with the Court”?

Now how much would you make him pay?

This is Adam “Bulletproof” Reposa, who spent the night in jail a couple of weeks ago after gesturing in the aforementioned manner in the presence of Travis County Judge Jan Breland. (Judge Breland wrote at the bottom of the order, “No bond without my approval,” but approved a $1,000 bond the next morning.) Reposa was representing a client on a DWI charge at the time. He apparently made the gesture while looking at the judge and simultaneously rolling his eyes, in the internationally recognized symbol for “I strongly disagree with what my opponent is saying and in fact find it so lacking in merit that I think you will agree it is unworthy of response.”

According to a reporter for KEYE-TV who tried to reach Reposa for comment, “the person answering said she was instructed by Reposa to tell the media a vulgarity, which won’t be printed here.”

You can actually find Mr. Reposa’s contact information by searching for the term “Bulletproof” on the Texas State Bar’s website.

Link: KEYEtv.com (Austin)
Link: Austin-American Statesman

Update: Mr. Reposa no longer uses the term “Bulletproof,” as you have seen if you clicked on the link above. As of June 2016, at least, he is listed with the state bar as “Mr. Adam Thomas ‘Coach’ King Blackwell Reposa,” but on his own website (“512 DWI KING: The Bad Ass Lawyer”) he uses “Adam King BlackWell Reposa, Esq.”