Minneapolis Firm Offers “Lawyer Job Interview Translator”

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Nicole Black of Legal Antics reports that Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson, a Minneapolis law firm, has produced a new recruiting tool that is worth checking out.  The "Lawyer Job Interview Translator" features a senior-partner type answering standard recruiting questions about things like salary, teamwork, and firm culture.  Then you can click a button to "translate" his jargon into what he may really think, and after that a button that offers "The Halleland Way."

For example, a question about whether working at the firm is "fun" gets the answer, "I can’t imagine a more fun place to work."  The translation is, basically, "I have no imagination."

Now, whether "The Halleland Way" translation of that answer is accurate is something that others will have to answer; but I think the use of some humor — any humor — in a law firm environment is a pretty good sign.  Will it always be fun?  No.  This is why they call it "work."  Will it sometimes be fun?  If the answer is at least "maybe," that’s more than you can hope for from some jobs.  So, congratulations to Halleland for injecting some humor into its recruiting program.

One suggestion, though — Halleland might need to update the "Careers" section of its website, which at the moment states that "We currently have no job openings."

Might put a bit of a damper on the search for new employees.

Link: Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson