Teen Threatened With Haircut Stabs Father With Miniature Sword

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I think that is a slight improvement over the original headline, but not by much.

According to reports, a 15-year-old Florida boy stabbed his father in the hand with a "miniature sword" because the man repeatedly threatened to give his son a haircut.  The first and most important question that raises, of course, is what the hell is a "miniature sword"?  Is that anything like a "knife"?  Few details were available about this, although one report said the weapon was approximately ten inches long, which would make it a very miniature sword but a really big knife.

"I gave him more than one warning to stay away," said the boy, who really did not want a haircut.  Police said that his father had suffered a defensive wound to his left hand that would require surgery.  Before you judge the young man, though, consider that he may have fired a warning shot — police said that the teenager "first threw a bag of seashells at his father before stabbing him."

Okay, now judge him.

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