Tip of the Day: 911 Is Not For Sandwich Complaints

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Sources reported on August 4 that a Jacksonville man was arrested last week after he called 911 to report that his Subway sandwiches had not been made correctly.

Seeking extra bonus points, he called it a second time to complain that police were taking too long to respond to his first call.

Subway SandwichReginald Peterson was waiting for the officers when they arrived.  He told them he had ordered two sandwiches, paid for them, walked outside, and only then discovered they were not made with "everything" as he had requested.  (One report said it was believed that a "spicy sauce" had been withheld.)  Peterson admitted he had become "upset" and "belligerent" over the sandwich infraction, something that witnesses confirmed, saying he eventually started screaming at everyone in the store.  When he went outside to call 911 on his cellphone, employees locked him out.

The report said that Peterson was arrested only after he failed to cooperate with an officer who was trying to calm him "and explain to him the proper way to use 911."

At his request, the defective sandwiches were thrown away.

Link: FirstCoastNews (Jacksonville)