Dutch Pedophiles Organize to Protect the Right to Molest

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I really have no idea what category to put this one in.

Earlier this week, a new political party was registered in the Netherlands by a group of Dutch pedophiles, who evidently feel oppressed by the fact that even in the Netherlands their conduct is considered a pretty heinous crime.  One of the party’s founders, Ad van den Berg, said that pedophiles were tired of being "hushed up" and that they were misunderstood.

Well, you decide for yourself.  The party’s platform includes such marvelous planks as:

  • Reducing the age of consent to 12, and eventually having no limit at all;
  • Reducing the age for acting as a prostitute or in adult films to 16;
  • Decriminalizing sex with animals;
  • Allowing pornography to be shown on TV any time of day;
  • Allowing the private possession of child pornography;
  • No bans on public nudity;
  • Sex education for toddlers; and
  • Free public transit for all.

Hard to see why any of that should be controversial.  I know some of you are nauseated by the idea of free public transit, but try to keep an open mind.

Seriously — "free public transit"?  How’d that get in there?  Did somebody say at a meeting, "Guys, we’ve got to have something with broader public appeal in our platform, or people won’t take us seriously"?  And others will say, "well, they advocate sex with toddlers and animals, but we won’t have to carry around change for the bus"?

Of course, the new party is called the "Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party," because really, what else would you call it?

Reuters via Yahoo! News