Woman In Cow Suit Charged With Disorderly Conduct

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According to reports, a woman in Middletown, Ohio, was charged with disorderly conduct on Monday for a string of disturbances she caused while wearing a cow suit.  The woman allegedly chased children around her neighborhood, urinated on a neighbor’s front porch, and then was found causing traffic problems on a nearby parkway.  Police said that the woman "smelled of alcohol" and that she verbally abused them as they were taking her to jail.

The suit, in mottled black and white, came complete with headpiece and udder.  (Based on the Smoking Gun’s reproduction, it looks like police took a second mug shot to be sure they captured the udder.)  Neither the police report nor any other report I have been able to locate sheds any light on the question of exactly why the woman was wearing the cow suit.  Frankly, maybe it’s better that way.

Link: WLWT Cincinnati (with mug shot)
Link: The Smoking Gun (mug shot and police report)