Attorney Says Client Killed In Self-Defense; Dismemberment Harder to Explain

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The attorney representing a Fresno man accused of killing a gang member said last Wednesday that his client had simply acted in self-defense after the victim forced his way into the client's home.  At a press conference, David Mugridge described it as a "textbook" case of self-defense.

His client had apparently taken an advanced course in the subject, though, since after he successfully defended himself he then made himself even more safe by dismembering the victim and burying him up in the mountains.

Mugridge conceded that the last part of that self-defense strategy was "not something normal," which seems like a bit of an understatement, but he maintained that the killing itself was justified.  His client "did not have a chance" to call 911, Mugridge argued.  Well, maybe not at first.

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