Assorted Updates

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I’ve been going over some of the older posts here in preparation for releasing a ten-year retrospective I’m writing (okay, 12 years), and often I get curious about what happened in a case I previously mentioned. Sometimes I’ve already followed up on a case if some later development was in the news, but often that didn’t happen because, for example, the later development (like a settlement) is just less newsworthy. Anyway, here are some of the updates I haven’t posted yet.

  • The guy who explained in 2005 that he had robbed a bank as part of a project to “research the criminal mind” is still working on that project, and will be for some time. John L. Stanley was sentenced to nine years by the judge to whom he made the research claim, but it turns out that wasn’t the only bank robbery he had committed. In fact, according to this report, it was only one of 34 robberies he committed during 2003 and 2004. He was tried for certain Oklahoma robberies in 2009, represented himself, lost, and was sentenced to 57 years that time around. Thus he is currently listed as Federal Inmate #16051-077 at FCI Phoenix, with a release date of May 2062. He is 71 now, however, so the research project will probably end sooner than that.

Oops—I didn’t mean to publish this until I had more than two updates finished, but apparently I did. Well, those were two of the updates I hadn’t posted yet. There will be more.