Bears Linebacker Accused of Painting Son’s Toenails Blue

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Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears continues to not get along with his ex-wife and/or baby mama, Tyna Robertson.  In court this week after the parties filed cross-motions on custody issues, Robertson said that she has not been allowing Urlacher to exercise his visitation rights because it has allegedly been making the couple's son confused about gender identity.  According to Robertson, her son has returned from visits with Urlacher with his toenails painted blue and wearing pink Cinderella diapers.

Navy blue is among the Bears' uniform colors.  Pink isn't.

The boy "pulls down his pants and says, 'Mommy, look how pretty [my pink Cinderella diapers] are,'" Robertson told the Chicago Herald.  She also claimed that he now says that "Big boys paint their nails," and refuses to bathe for fear of ruining his nail polish.  "It took two hours to get him in the bath," Robertson claimed.  She said Urlacher was unresponsive when she told him of her concerns.  "[Brian] says he can do whatever he wants.  He said, 'It doesn't make him feminine.  It doesn't make him gay.'"  Urlacher, a linebacker for the Bears for many years, did not attend the hearing.  Asked to comment, his attorney said that spreading these allegations in the press was "typical Tyna," but did not actually deny them.

Robertson said she would allow the visitation to resume (in the words of the report) "so long as Urlacher put away the Bears-blue nail polish and diapered their son in gender-appropriate pull-ups."

Link: Chicago Sun-Times