Taco Bell Lawyers Disrespectin’ 50 Cent

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Lawyers for Taco Bell are accusing rapper 50 Cent of using his trademark-infringement lawsuit against the company for ulterior motives.

Cent filed the lawsuit back in July after the company sent out a letter suggesting that it would donate $10,000 to the charity of his choice if he would change his name for one day to "79 Cent," "89 Cent," or possibly "99 Cent."  The proposed names were chosen to publicize Taco Bell's value menu items.  Cent sued, claiming that the stunt was an unauthorized use of his trademarked rap appellation.

To the contrary, says Taco Bell, it was simply making a offer that he was free to accept or reject.  Taco Bell's counsel fired back this week by accusing Cent of trying to "burnish his gangsta rapper persona by distorting beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer."

Good point.  Because nothing would burnish one's gangsta rapper persona more than using a federal trademark lawsuit to distort beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer.  What next, a declaratory relief action over somebody violating an easement?

Cent said he stood by his earlier statement that Taco Bell would find that if one messes with the bull, one will ultimately receive the horns.

Link: AP via FindLaw.com