Bay Area Docket (Jan. 6, 2009)

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A new case filed this week in SF Superior Court.  I feel a little guilty about finding this hilarious, but I do:

Thomas [redacted]., a minor, by his guardian ad litem v. Napa Valley Wine Country Tours; Shayne One; Richard Hoffmann; City and County of San Francisco; Does; No. CGC-09-483359 (filed Jan. 6, 2009)

Negligence action. The parking lot at defendant City's observation area was poorly lit, so when the plaintiff heard that others nearby had flashed knives he ran into a rock wall in his haste to return to the tour bus, injuring his teeth and cutting his face.

I guess I feel that if you have a tendency to flee wildly at the first rumor of danger, you should have some duty to plan an escape route ahead of time, or at least not to position yourself so there is a rock wall between you and safety.  Another possible defendant: the wall manufacturer, for constructing a wall too high to hurdle and yet not coated with a face-protecting substance.