Man Cited for “Riding White Horse in a Snowstorm”

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I put that in quotes only because it sounded to me like some kind of drug-related slang term, but in fact it was exactly what it describes.

Pale Police in Cody, Wyoming, said they cited a 28-year-old man on Sunday for public intoxication.  Motorists reported Ben Daniels was creating a road hazard because he was riding his white horse down the street during a heavy snowstorm, and they were allegedly having difficulty seeing him.  (I guess that means he was wearing his all-white cowboy suit and hat.  I certainly hope so.)

Officers said that when they pulled Daniels over (if that's the right term) to explain the difficulty he was causing, they noticed that he was intoxicated.  He was detained overnight and released the following day.

In the meantime, a friend picked up Daniels' horse, and presumably then rode off into the snow-covered hills, fading gradually into the mist, a lone rider set on a forlorn quest for justice and revenge.

That, or he went over to the liquor store.  Nobody was really paying attention.

Link: Associated Press