Restraining Order Entered After Christmas Wii Assault

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A New Hampshire judge refused Monday to lift an order that requires Randi Young, 24, and Heath Blom, 26, to stay away from each other.  Both were arrested on Christmas Day after a Nintendo-Wii-related incident that allegedly turned violent.

According to police, Young and Blom began arguing after Blom opened his Christmas gift to find a Nintendo Wii game system instead of the remote-control airplane he had apparently asked for.  Rather than thanking Jesus for setting him up with a girlfriend who is willing to buy him gaming systems rather than something stupid like a sweater or shoes or a remote-control airplane, Blom began to complain.  Not surprisingly, an argument ensued.  When Young tried to leave, Blom allegedly grabbed her hair and she allegedly swung around and hit him.  A touching Christmas story — it's "Gift of the Magi" meets "Raging Bull."

Sim punch If only Mr. Ungrateful had opened that Wii to begin with, they could have worked out all these issues by just playing The Sims (or maybe a boxing game) rather than getting into it in real life.  A punch from a simulated girlfriend wouldn't hurt as much — but then she probably would have gotten you what you wanted in the first place.

The court later entered a restraining order that required the two to stay away from each other.  They were back in court Monday to ask that the order be lifted, saying they had just had a "bad Christmas," but the court refused.