Serial Toilet Arsonist Continues to Terrorize San Francisco

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The person or persons unknown who have been setting fire to portable toilets in San Francisco has (or have) struck again, the SF Chronicle reports today.

Since this is happening in San Francisco, we can assume it is some sort of protest against something, but what that might be is not yet clear.

The arsonist’s reign of terror has now lasted for over two months, including attacks on more than a dozen portable toilets at construction sites in and around Russian Hill and Pacific Heights.  Luckily, so far all attacks have been carried out in the middle of the night, and no injuries have been reported.  Although I think it is entirely possible that, if you were injured in such a case, you might not be inclined to report it, as a number of awkward questions might be posed.

The Chronicle reported that “[a] foreman at one construction site has gone as far as to disguise an outhouse with dark plywood and a brown blanket to make it look like a storage shed,” a reckless disclosure that has only helped the terrorists by putting one more innocent outhouse at risk.