En Banc Rehearing Denied in Pants Case; Is Supreme Court Next?

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When we last saw Roy Pearson, he had filed a petition asking the full D.C. Court of Appeals to rehear his case en banc.  As you likely recall, Pearson is the former judge who sued his dry cleaner for allegedly losing a pair of pants, ultimately claiming $65 million in damages — $65 million more than he ultimately recovered.  On March 2, the court denied the petition for en banc rehearing.  That exhausts Pearson's opportunities for appeal and marks an end to this momentous legal struggle.

Or does it?

Earlier today (March 7), I saw, or thought I saw, a TV report that Pearson had in fact filed a petition for certiorari in the United States Supreme Court.  It is hard to think of a basis for such an appeal, even in theory, but Pearson could probably gin up some kind of a due process argument.  So far, though, I have been unable to confirm the report.  I might have dreamed it, but time will tell.

Link: WTOP.com (Washington, D.C.)