LucasFilm Employee Alleges She Was Called An “Ewok”

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From yesterday's report of filings in San Francisco Superior Court:

Totah v. Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd
., CGC-09-490959 (7/30/09)

Employment complaint for race discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. The plaintiff was fired because, as her supervisor said, "You needed to be taught a lesson." The plaintiff, who has Arab ancestry, overheard her boss call someone a "dirty
Arab," another person "so gay," and the plaintiff an "Ewok."

Not to belittle the other allegations suggested here, which if true would be heinous and actionable, but please let me know if calling someone an "Ewok" now constitutes discrimination.  Of course, if you work at Lucasfilm, these may be very well be "fighting words."

On the other hand, if anyone there has been called "Jar Jar Binks," please let me give you my card.  No one should have to put up with that.