Michael Jackson’s Death Led to Arson, Says Arsonist

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The death of the King of Pop has certainly affected each and every one of us, and we show our respect and our grief in various ways.  Some buy his music, some build makeshift shrines, and some set fire to things.

Police in Lorain, Pennsylvania, said they were called to a local bar at 1:25 a.m. Sunday morning, June 28, and told that someone had set fire to the restroom.  After putting the fire out, the bartender checked security-camera footage and noticed that the same woman had visited the restroom twice just before the fire was reported.  (Also suspicious: she was the one who reported it.)  The suspect had left the bar, but police were able to locate her swiftly, by checking the bar across the street.

According to the report, when police asked the suspect why she had set the fire, she blamed Post-Traumatic-Celebrity-Death Syndrome: "I felt stressed because my apartment had recently caught on fire, and because of the death of Michael Jackson."

Officers suggested that alcohol also may have played a role.

Link:  Fox43.com/WPMT (Pennsylvania)