UPDATE: “Open Mike” Duvall Resigns

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Well, that didn't take long.  Just one day after the public disclosure of his affair with a lobbyist, on whom he was also cheating (if that's the right word) with a third woman, all of which was revealed by him in graphic statements he made in front of an open microphone, Assemblyman Michael Duvall has resigned from office.

Reportedly, Orange County GOP officials, unwilling to ride out the still-building media storm with Duvall on board, decided to toss him over the side and strongly suggested that he should quickly resign.  In what is likely the most intelligent thing he has done connected with this matter, he took that advice. 

Again we learn the lesson (one of several here) that if you are in the public eye, microphones should be treated like snakes: know the danger, avoid if possible, and know what you're doing if you're going to handle one.

Same for lobbyists, probably.

Link: Orange County Weekly