Christ Excused From Jury Duty

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Yet another way to get out of jury duty: change your name to "Jesus Christ."

Actually, that may not be enough, based on the report this week that Jesus Christ, in this incarnation a 59-year-old woman formerly known as "Dorothy Lola Killingworth," had been called for jury duty in Jefferson County, Alabama.  After confirming that Killingworth had in fact legally changed her name to "Jesus Christ" (she had a driver's license to prove it), the presiding judge assigned Christ to a jury panel.  According to court employees, Christ was not trying to get out of jury duty at all — she was "perfectly happy to serve," but was excused for being "disruptive."  According to the report, "instead of answering questions, she was asking them." Typical.

The Birmingham News noted that its efforts to reach Christ for comment had been unsuccessful.

Link: Birmingham News