If Darth Vader Were a Senior Partner

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He'd have this desk in his office:

Don't Pretend You Don't Know It's Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite
"Join me, and I will complete your training."

According to the designer, Tom Spina, this is a "one-of-a-kind" item that is not for sale (unless you are in fact Darth Vader or possibly George Lucas). But he and his assistants make lots of other great custom furniture, among other things, so you can have a desk shaped like a Mayan pyramid or a T-Rex fossil skull for just $4999 each.

For $5499, you can have an awesome high-backed chair known as the "Galactic Throne," perfect for facing the other way in at the start of an associate evaluation before suddenly pivoting around to deliver the bad news.

Link: Wired.com
Link: Tom Spina Designs