Assorted Stupidity #4

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  • From the Department of Good Ideas: “Owner of Ohio killer bear isn’t making safety fix,” Associated Press (Aug. 23, 2010).  What could happen?
  • Another thing not to post on Facebook, if you are a juror: “Gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re guilty.”  At least wait until the defense has actually presented its case.
  • Paris Hilton’s new theory to explain her recent arrest:  “It could be a setup.  Everyone knows how against cocaine I am.”  Yes.  Everyone knows that.
  • Butts charged in Boobs case.  Seriously.
  • And in a related story: “A water district employee who said ‘hello’ to a co-worker by shaking his butt might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after the co-worker accidentally hit him with a truck trying to return the unusual greeting, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled.”