Lawyer Misses Flight; Now Working at Airport Information Desk

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Ironically, having posted just yesterday about being habitually late for things, including air travel, I missed my flight this morning.  Since, unlike some secretariesmy secretary is apparently not devoted enough to call in bomb threats on my behalf even though she knows I am always running late, the plane left without me.  This will be remembered at bonus time.

What?  No bonuses this year?  Well, it will be remembered at another more appropriate time, such as when the economy has recovered enough to allow us to offer to give things that we could take away if necessary.

This is especially ironic since they have just announced over the loudspeakers here that we are at Threat Level Orange, which I assume means that the slightest suggestion of danger would either halt all air travel or at least delay it pending an immediate assessment of whether to go to Threat Level Red.  So that call clearly would have worked.

What?  We've been at "Threat Level Orange" since 2006?  Well, what sense does that make?  It almost seems like that system doesn't provide any useful information.

In any event, because of these failures by others, here I sit at San Francisco International Airport waiting for the next flight.  Fortunately, the airport has thoughtfully provided a little kiosk here by Gate 74 where business travelers can plug in a laptop and get online to work (or possibly blog).  Unfortunately, that kiosk also appears to resemble an information desk, and is also near the exit from the international terminal, where flights from Asia have been arriving all morning.  So if you run across any Korean travelers in Boston, Houston, Austin, or Denver, tell them I said hello because chances are they got there because of me.

Link: Map of San Francisco International Airport
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