Stalin’s Grandson Files Another Libel Case

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Despite losing a similar case earlier this year against a different newspaper, Yevgeny Dzhugashvili has sued a second Russian media outlet for allegedly defaming his grandfather, Josef Vissionariovich Dzhugasvili, better known to some as Stalin.

Hooray for Stalin!

Everyone Stalin didn't kill marches in appreciation

The plaintiff previously sued Novaya Gazeta for daring to suggest that Grampa Stalin had been responsible for some deaths while he was dictator of the Soviet Union, but that case was dismissed in October.  In the new case, he is seeking ten million rubles and an apology from a Moscow radio station that aired a program critical of Stalin for allegedly authorizing the execution of teenagers.

The exact number of executions that took place during Stalin's regime is still disputed to some extent, but experts generally agree that, at a minimum, it was a lot.

Link: Reuters