Demon Sheep Still Focus of California GOP Primary

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Faced with what is shaping up to be a marketing disaster of legendary proportions, the Fiorina campaign is furiously spinning the Demon Sheep ad as something that was deliberately planned to attract as much attention as possible.  It has certainly done that.  So does setting yourself on fire, but you know what?  Not all publicity is good publicity.

"[T]he Democrats are all out there attacking the video," a Fiorina spokesperson told the L.A. Times, "which is both predictable and fine by us since the more people talk about it, the more people watch it, which of course is the whole point."  Nice try.  The Democrats are all out there attacking the video, but she forgot to mention that so is everybody else.  The Twitter hashtag #demonsheep appears to be nonpartisan, for example.  And showing that at least one of the GOP candidates does know something about how to use the Internet, Fiorina's opponent Chuck DeVore (a state assemblyman, not Tom "Demon Sheep" Campbell) immediately registered and is now using it (in a way that is intentionally funny) to mock Fiorina.

DeVore appears there in a video that is just okay (DeVore campaign: I watched all 37 seconds hoping to see a demon sheep creeping around in the bushes – where is the demon sheep?), but the one-page website is still worth a quick visit.

"Your email will be kept strictly private," it assures visitors, "and never shared with demon sheep."

Link: Legal Pad